“I have called you friends…”

“I have called you friends…”

John 15:15

In the Gospel, the God-Man Jesus Christ, reveals himself to us as the Messiah and Savior who comes to offer each of us to an opportunity to renew our relationship with God.

Human beings are by nature social beings and relationship is both a natural necessity to help us realize ourselves and an important factor in the development of the person as a dynamic creature.

Friendly relationships that include trust and mutual responsibility aid in the building of genuine communities at all levels.

The 21st century with its rapid development of technology offers people new instruments, modalities, and opportunities for relationship building. Unfortunately, these are not always used for the good of a person. These new challenges also are open to forms of relationship distortion.

For many, the use of instruments of social media contributes to the creation of illusions about one’s own identity and behavior.

“Look” becomes more important than “be”, “create the impression” becomes more important than “create reality”.

Popularity, the desire to please at any cost, becomes the dominant feature of a person’s social life, and behind this popularity lie hidden selfishness and the lack of any authentic meaning.

The concept of friendship becomes relative.

“Friendship with someone” turns into “observe someone”.

True personal relationships often remain unrealized. This is one of the reasons that both individuals and society in all its forms suffer.

Therefore it is important today to rediscover important Gospel themes that will help us return to the path of authenticity, to invitations inviting us to an experience of friendship with God.

Through a real relationship with Jesus Christ, each of us can open true relationships of equality and dignity with all people.

In friendly relationships, we become able to fill our existence and our behavior with true meaning, joy, and love.

fr. A.R.

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