“When Jesus saw THEIR faith, he said to the paralytic, “Courage, child, your sins are forgiven.” Mt 9, 1-8

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus shows us that our faith brings God’s grace not only to us personally but also to those for whom we pray and whom we mercifully help.

Gospel said: “When Jesus saw their faith, he healed the paralytic”.

The faith of other people is very precious in the life of each of us.

First of all, we should always be grateful to those who healed us with their faith. We should be grateful to those whose faith has led us to God, especially during difficult times in our lives when our hope or our mind has been paralyzed.

Also, we, as people of faith, should pray for others and have compassion for others in need.

God sees faith and grants forgiveness, which is a miracle. A miracle for those who are able to experience forgiveness and accept it.

Beloved in Christ, let us grow in faith with gratitude and let our faith be generous for others.

fr. A.R.

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