Про війну в Україні та про нас

What is happening in Ukraine?

Russia continues a brutal, demonic war against Ukraine.

But this is a war not only against Ukraine, in fact it is a war against the entire humanity, a war against the basic rights and values of humanity, a war against the right to life and freedom, a war against human dignity.

Russia brutally invaded and annexed part of the territory of the Sovereign State of Ukraine eight years ago, and in recent days has given this war its full scale. All signs of Russia’s actions are identical to those of terrorists, without any respect for basic human rights and international law. The Ukrainian people have no choice but to defend themselves, their rights to life and freedom, to defend their lives and their Sovereign and Independent Motherland.

Authentic peace without Truth and Justice is not possible. Peace is not about opinion, authentic peace is about Truth and Justice. That is why we need the courage to proclaim the Truth. Authentic peace in Ukraine is possible when the Russian Invaders leave the territories of Sovereign Ukraine and bear full responsibility and consequences for crimes against humanity in accordance with the principles of international law.

Otherwise, the world will give the “green light” to legalize the terrorism of the bigger against the smaller in the 21st century.


About us, Assumption Church, Ukrainian Catholic Church in Miami Florida:

At the present time the parish serves primarily Ukrainian Catholics in Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties, though some people travel from as far as the Keys in the South or Melbourne in the North to participate in the Eucharist – Divine Liturgy and parish life.

Services at Assumption Parish are conducted in both the English and Ukrainian languages.

The parish welcomes Catholics and all people of good will who wish to worship God in the Byzantine Ukrainian Tradition.

Almost all our parishioners and I myself have relatives in Ukraine. They talk about the brutality, atrocities and violence of Russia’s war against the Ukrainian people. Russia is committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine. Russia is committing genocide against the multinational people of Ukraine.

Our family and friends are asking the civilized world to help defeat this empire of evil.


God bless You!

Fr. Andrii Romankiv



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