The Great Fast. Sorokausty. Schedule.


Lent begins on February 20, 2023

The time of the Great Fast (Lent) is the time of spiritual growth through fasting, forgiveness, participation in worship in the Church, hearing of the Word of God, prayer for the living and dead, and merciful deeds.

During the Great Fast, every Christian, who has no impediment, is obligated, by the Commandments of the Church, to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

In our Church, you can approach the Easter Confession before and after Liturgies, and Sorokausty during Lent and during Holy Week Services.

During the Great Fast, we are called to solidary prayer and mercy not only for the living but also for our dead loved ones. Therefore, during Lent, we traditionally pray the weekly Memorial Services – Sorokausty.

If you do not use the Parish Envelopes but would like a requiem prayer to be offered during Lent for your loved ones who have passed away, please email a list of names, or confirm the list of your family memorial book. Please mark your donation “Sorokausty 2023”.

Schedule for Sorocausty 2023

Thursday (2/23/2023): at 7:00 pm

Saturday (3/4/2023):    at 5:00 pm

Saturday (3/11/2023):  at 5:00 pm

Thursday (3/23/2023): at 7:00 pm

Thursday (3/30/2023): at 7:00 pm

Schedule for Great and Holy Week and Easter 2023

PALM SUNDAY (4/2/2023): at 10:30 am  Hierarchical Divine Liturgy presided by Bishop Bohdan Danylo. Confession during the Liturgy Fr. Petro Iskiv (Eng & Ukr.) Blessing the palms and pussy willow branches.

Holy and Great Thursday         (4/6/2023): at 7:00 pm   Matins – Reading of 12 Passion Gospels. The first retreat teaching and Confession  Fr. Petro Iskiv, Specialist in the Bible (Ukr & Eng.)

Holy and Good Friday (4/7/2023):  at 5:00 pm, Exposition and Veneration of Shroud. The second retreat teaching and Confession of Fr. Petro Iskiv, Specialist in the Bible (Ukr. & Eng.)

Holy and Great Saturday (4/8/2023):  at 5:00 pm, Easter Vigil – Vespers with Liturgy of St. Basil the Great. The third retreat teaching and Confession Fr. Petro Iskiv, Specialist in the Bible (Eng. & Ukr.) Veneration of the Shroud, and the Blessing of Easter Food – Confession

PASCHA,  Resurrection of Our Lord (4/9/2023):  at 8:00 am, Resurrection Matins with Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Blessing of Easter Food (Ukr. & Eng.)

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