Schedule for Great and Holy Week and Easter 2024

PALM SUNDAY (03/24/2024): at 9:00 (Eng.) am and 10:30 (Ukr.) am Divine Liturgies. Blessing the palms and willow branches.

Monday (03/25/2024): Feast of the Annunciation at 7:00 p.m. Divine Liturgy. (Eng. & Ukr.)

Holy and Great Thursday (03/28/2024): at 7:00 pm Matins – Reading of 12 Passion Gospels. (Ukr. & Eng.)

Holy and Good Friday (03/29/2024):  at 5:00 pm, Exposition and Veneration of Shroud. (Ukr. & Eng.)

Holy and Great Saturday (03/30/2024):  at 5:00 pm, Easter Vigil – Vespers with Liturgy of St. Basil the Great. (Eng. & Ukr.) Veneration of the Shroud, and the Blessing of Easter Food

PASCHA, Resurrection of Our Lord (03/31/2024):  at 8:00 am, Resurrection Matins with Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Blessing of Easter Food (Ukr. & Eng.)

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