“When he entered the house, the blind men came to him.” Mt 9,28

Today’s Gospel lesson (Mt 9, 27-35) tells about the miracles of healing the blind and the mute. Jesus, while preaching the Gospel, healed and continues to heal, opening eyes and mouths even now in this Church.

It is important to pay attention to the circumstances surrounding these miracles. Those who needed Jesus’ help ran after Him when He was already leaving. They caught up with Him at the house. This means they missed the opportunity to meet Him when He was nearby.

The testimony of faith from other people awakened their faith, and they began to follow Jesus.

Very often, people do not value God’s presence in their lives. They do not want to see God or talk about Him.

For a while, it is more comfortable and convenient for a person to live as if God is not near. Many people live in spiritual blindness and muteness.

A conscious coming to the Church, the house where Jesus is present,  can heal and transform.

Beloved in Christ, let us be witnesses of God’s presence for others and invite them to Church. Amen.

Fr. A.R.

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