30 May 2017
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Glory to Jesus Christ!


Today, Pentecost, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the day Christ’s Church was born; is a great festival for we who are Christian.

Pentecost is an extraordinary day of holiness and oneness of God and people.

We are reminded that Pentecost was also celebrated in Old Testament times. On this day the Israelites celebrated the theophany of God on Mount Sinai; where the Lord God through Moses gifted humankind with the Ten Commandments. This Old Testament event was a prefigurement of what happened on Pentecost, following Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension.

The Apostles, along with the Mother of God, were gathered in the Upper Room on Mount Sion and the Holy Spirit came upon them. God now wrote His Law, not on stone tablets, but in the hearts of people. Today, we understand that we are God’s People, gathered and united in Christ’s Church.

On this festal day let us lift our prayer to the Lord asking for openness, unity and love for the people gathered in Christ’s Church. Amen.