Sunday of the Samaritan Woman.

18 May 2017
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Christ is Risen!

This Sunday takes its name from the incident related in the Gospel Reading: Jesus’ meeting with a Samaritan woman.

In this meeting it is of particular notice, that Christ, with His Divine authority, instructs us to overcome our prejudices and baseless separations and be concerned with the salvation of all people. Christ came into the world to bring salvation to anyone who would receive Him.

The coming of Jesus Christ, Truth Himself, calls each and every person to Himself. Truth is no longer limited to a particular group of people; defined by their nationality, their status in society, the color of their skin, of possession of some secret knowledge, etc. God’s Love does not exclude anyone, it desires that all of God’s children, scattered by the consequences of sin, return to the home of their Heavenly Father. Christ, the Merciful Shepherd, came to rescue every lost soul without exception.

The one, holy, catholic and apostolic church, founded by Jesus Christ Himself continues this mission today. The Church is open for all those who want “to drink from the well of living water. This community of love, in constant union with Christ, does the will of the Heavenly Father and witnesses to Christ, the Truth, to all God’s Children.

Let us as members of this community of love, be kind and patient with those who have not yet found the way to Truth. Amen.