The disciples did not understand Him.

03 April 2017
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Glory to Jesus Christ!


Today’s Gospel spurs us to consider the events which preceded the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christ reveals His mission; out of love for us He became a man in order to redeem us.

The disciples did not understand Him. They had a gross materialistic conception of Jesus, in which they only saw their personal benefit. The conception of a Messiah for themselves was of a powerful earthly ruler and they wanted to share in his glory and rule.

Christ paid no attention to the expectations of the disciples; He had no doubts about His mission. Jesus goes to Jerusalem confidently leading both His little-believing disciples and us to salvation. His guidance is first of all the example of His own life.

His victory was not the result of violence but rather the fulfillment His Father’s Will and His sacrificial service, even to death on a cross.


Let us too, in love, fulfill God’s commandments in our daily lives. Amen.