Sunday of Meat Fare.

17 February 2017
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Glory to Jesus Christ!


Тoday’s Gospel about the Final Judgement.

Having lived out our time, we die.

At the Final Judgement; on our life lived on earth, we will receive either an eternal reward in God’s Kingdom, or eternal punishment in Hell. This judgement is final and therefore fearful. Its consequences are eternal. Therefore, to discount our lives here on earth, is absolute foolishness.

At the Final Judgement, people will be judged on how they carried out the works of mercy during their lifetimes. In other work, according how real we made our gift of faith in our daily lives. We hear today, in the teaching of our Savior Himself, that this Final Judgement will not be based on a formalistic knowledge of the law or of the faith; but rather on our acts of charity, which are the fruit of both law and faith.

God’s Kingdom will be inherited by those who have an active faith. Faith, Love, Hope need to be made apparent in our daily prayers, our thoughts, our communication and our actions.


Let us work that our faith be fruitful. Amen.