Sunday of the Prodigal Son.

17 February 2017
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Glory to Jesus Christ!


Jesus teaches us about patience and mercy in today’s Gospel of the Prodigal Son.

The Prodigal Son received his inheritance and wasted it all in fun and entertainment.

Quickly he found himself in misery. When he had lost everything, he risked the return to his paternal home. He did not except to return as a son, but merely as a servant.

The father patiently awaited the return of his son. The loving father gives his Prodigal Son a new opportunity to rectify his life.

To forgive the debauchery of his brother galled the older brother. The older brother did not want to give himself over to the father’s love. He loyally fulfilled all his obligations, but he didn’t act like a son.   He acted as a servant. He worked hard, but only because what he got out of it for himself.

Jesus teaches us, through the example of the loving father, to be real sons, and not to exclude our prodigal brothers and sisters. We too, are called by love, to give a new opportunity for a worthwhile life to those who wish to rectify their lives.

Let us be patient and merciful to one another. Amen