Sunday of Publican and Pharisee.

17 February 2017
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Glory to Jesus Christ!


The example of the Pharisee and the Publican in today’s Gospel lesson teaches us about humility. So God prepares us for Lent. Lent begins February 27.

The self-confident Pharisee, who formally came to the Temple, do not understand why. Hi reveals lack of maturity and pride.

         With his high opinion of himself, the Pharisee denigrated his neighbor. Being overly self-confident stifles our ability to meet God in prayer.

With His example of the tax collector, the Lord shows us how our prayers need to be in order to encounter God and become better people.

Good prayer begins with a humble opinion of ourselves. Humility gives us the ability to see ourselves objectively, to give God the proper place in our lives and prevents us from falling into the sin of putting our neighbor down.

True prayers helps us love God and our neighbor more. It helps us ask for forgiveness and allows us to be grateful to God for everything.  

When we humbly ask pardon for our mistakes of God, we learn to pardon those who have harmed us.

Let our presence in the Church and prayer be real and not formal.