Zacchaeus Sunday.

30 January 2017
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Christ is born!

In today's Gospel, we read about Zacchaeus’ meeting with Jesus. This meeting changed Zacchaeus. The converted sinner begins a new life. With the coming of Jesus Christ, salvation has come for Zacchaeus and for each of us.

We can learn from the example of Zacchaeus. When Zacchaeus hears, that Jesus has come to Jericho, he rushes to meet Him. Zacchaeus does not remain indifferent. He shows genuine interest and creativity to see and hear Jesus. Zacchaeus left all his business. He did not seek obstacles to justify his absence, he climbed the tree. Jesus saw Zacchaeus’ faith and came to his house, bringing salvation for Zacchaeus.

Jesus is near us every Sunday. In the Church, He waiting to meet us. Do we rush to this meeting? Are we creative in overcoming any obstacles that would prevent this meeting? Let us not lose any opportunity of a meeting with Jesus. Amen.